FreshDesk vs AzureDesk

A simple, Effective & Affordable FreshDesk Alternative.

Why AzureDesk is one of the best alternative to FreshDesk?

• Extremely affordable at 9$ per agent per month way less than FreshDesk.
• FreshDesk is too complicated to use resulting in over whelming experience for the users.
• No Tier Pricing. No different plans. One simple cost.

Update Ticket Apps

Self-Explanatory Software

AzureDesk is a self-explanatory software. User does not require any kind of expertise to use AzureDesk; compared to complicated software like FreshDesk. Also, Apps collaboration with AzureDesk results in delightful customer service experience.

Browse Tabs


Browser like tab system makes it easier for Agents to work on multiple tickets together without switching the pages & having too many clicks.



Knowledge Base that will be loved by every customer as it is plays a crucial role in answering your customers in your absence. AzureDesk provides easy adding Knowledge Base & search for Knowledge base fetches you results with every key-stroke

Batch Update

Batch Update

Batch Update for a User or Customer makes it easier for an Agent to get work done more fast resulting in optimum utilization of resources.



Another Important Features includes Reports which helps you keep track of all the metrics.

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For more information refer AzureDesk Help Guide